The gritty, glamour of New York City in the 90’s propelled the creative career of Tiger Gomez. Her experience both in front of and behind the lens renders an alluring perspective with her craft. Through her lens she captures the authenticity and raw beauty of her subjects. Tiger’s wanderlust eye steered her to work with global brands, influencers, and industry insiders in the U.S. and abroad.

While clients may find confidence in their everyday life, Tiger understands being in front of the lens can be challenging for some.  She blurs this grey area, not only creating a “saucy” and captivating image, but also, shifting your self perception.  Through her warmth, mindfulness and instincts, her clients receive the gift of a very humane experience…often feeling “gotten” and empowered.  She believes, it is truly a gift to yourself and to the world to know ones worth. She is honored to be trusted with such an intimate process, and for you to have the experience and imagery of celebrating your BEST self.