Explicit. Exclusive. Unforgettable.

The gritty, glamour of New York City in the early 90’s propelled the photography career of Tiger Gomez. Her experience both in front of and behind the lens renders an alluring perspective and a seductive relationship with her craft. Through her lens she captures the authenticity and raw beauty of her subjects, creating poetic and unique narratives with an essence of nostalgia.

While clients may find confidence in their everyday life, they often feel out of place in front of the lens. Tiger blurs this gray area between style and self-doubt, not only creating a captivating image but also shifting your self-perception. She’s tempted by the transformation and addicted to the experience of giving others the gift of truly seeing their best self.

Currently based in Florida, Tiger implements her industry experience and expertise to continuously expand her portfolio and professional network. Travelling nationally and internationally to photograph relevant brands, influencers, and reputable industry insiders. Experimenting with portfolio and test shoots for international modeling agencies, playing with her creativity for editorial publications, advertising campaigns, and fashion and beauty shoots.