Create. Produce. Represent.

Photography and fine art studio based in Jacksonville, Florida

After beginning her career in front of the lens, Tiger took her extensive experience and applied it to her true calling; that of a photographer and artist. In her current work, she is both experimental and interpretive. One can easily see the relationship that Tiger has not only with her chosen medium, but with her subjects themselves. The viewer is drawn into each and every photo, due to the use of finely tuned technique. So much more than a photographer, Tiger is truly an artist. Her work is a mixed media of photography, oils, moving water and more. Using unique techniques, many of Tiger’s pieces are laced with elements from the natural world, giving them the ability to fit into and enhance any space. Tiger plays with the qualities of light and then turns the used elements into abstract visions. She entices and challenges the viewer with her use of texture and color and takes great care in her juxtaposition of image and space.